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Storefront 2.2.5 — August 21, 2017

Storefront 2.2.5

Storefront 2.2.5 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

  • New – Add access to submenus from touchscreen devices. Kudos @mikeyarce.
  • New – Add styles for keyboard navigation on focus items. Kudos @mikeyarce.
  • Fix – Fix hero image positioning when page has RTL direction.
  • Tweak – Remove non-minified vendor script: rgbaster.js.
  • Tweak – Enqueue non-minified versions of scripts when SCRIPT_DEBUG is defined.
  • Dev – New hook to filter sidebar regions: storefront_sidebar_args.
  • Dev – Adds grunt-contrib-compress to the build process.
  • Fix – Remove 4th parameter being passed to remove_action, it only accepts 3. Kudos @ashfame.
  • Fix – Limit product name cell to 300px in the order review table.
  • Fix – Check header cart contents length on mouseover to dynamically check if the height needs to be limited.
  • Tweak – Removed Structured Data. See this comment.
  • Fix – Header cart dropdown padding.
  • Fix – Updated demo store notice z-index value to 9999 to prevent conflicts with other elements. Kudos @iamdharmesh.
  • Tweak – Replace WooThemes with WooCommerce.
Storefront 2.2.4 — June 27, 2017

Storefront 2.2.4

Storefront 2.2.4 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

  • Fix – Notice styling in the payment section of the checkout.
  • Fix – Fix several typos in the theme description and customizer controls.
  • Fix – Remove :hover and :active states on .screen-reader-text.
  • Fix – Hide logo section from structured data if there’s no image.
  • Dev – New hook after body tag: storefront_before_site.
  • Fix – Fix modular scale negative values not being compiled correctly.
  • Tweak – Open documentation links in a new window.
  • Fix – Translatable labels in the 404 template.
  • Fix – Localize all aria labels.
  • Dev – Remove wp_kses_post() from shortcodes output.
  • Fix – Amend support link in admin header to link to the support forum.
Storefront 2.2.3 — June 1, 2017
Storefront 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 now available — May 23, 2017

Storefront 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 now available

Hey folks, after the excitement of the 2.2.0 release yesterday we were quickly made aware of a couple of bugs that made it through the beta test and have consequently released two small fix releases to address these issues. Thanks to everyone who brought these issues to our attention and our apologies for any disruption caused.

  • 2.2.1 fixes a fatal error folks were experiencing when running older versions of PHP.
  • 2.2.2 fixes issues folks were experiencing with our Starter Content implementation. Essentially some people were seeing the effects on that feature (widget and page template assignment) in existing sites which of course should not happen.

If you spot any other problems please do not hesitate to open an issue on github (with full details). We’ll investigate and release another fix if required.

I’d also like to remind anyone who hasn’t pushed the update button yet that 2.2 is a major release. To be 100% safe, we recommend that you always test major releases (whether it’s Storefront, WooCommerce, or any of our other products) in a non-production environment first. Or even better – participate on our pre-release beta tests.

Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1 — May 8, 2017

Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1

I’m happy to announce that Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1 is now available. You can download it and begin testing by clicking here.

What’s changed in 2.2.0?

The focus of 2.2.0 was primarily to improve New User Experience. Making use of WordPress 4.7’s Starter Content feature, new Storefront users now benefit from a much richer experience when they first start using the theme. The improved NUX can be broken down in to three main additions;

WooCommerce installation and Customisation prompt

After activation Storefront will perform a quick check to see if WooCommerce is installed or not. If not, a prompt will be displayed asking you to do so via a single click. After which you’ll be guided through WooCommerce setup via the wizard that exists in core.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.06.05

Of course, in most cases folks won’t see this prompt. Storefront is a WooCommerce theme and generally WooCommerce will already be activated. In those cases, users will instead be prompted to customise the look and feel in the Customizer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.15.17

Customizer guided tour & Starter Content

When the user enters the Customizer they will be greeted with a step by step guide to set up some of the core design options in Storefront.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.18.54
Storefront 2.2.0 guided tour

Depending on whether the store is fresh or established, Starter content may be included. For brand new stores that means the following tasks will be performed automatically:

  • Example products imported
  • Homepage created, ‘homepage’ template applied and set as a ‘static homepage’ in WordPress settings
  • ‘Full width’ template applied to cart and checkout pages
  • Default widgets removed
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.22.12
Starter content in-situ

Revamped landing page in wp-admin

Once the user finishes customizing their store and returns to wp-admin they’ll be greeted with a revamped landing page. This landing page has been tidied up and now focuses on informing folks on how they can enhance their Storefront experience, either through free plugins, Storefront Powerpack or commercial child theme designs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.29.05

Design refresh

The other big change in 2.2.0 is a design refresh we’ve performed which lightens the overall aesthetic, gives more prominence to product photography and transforms the homepage content into a hero component.


You can read more about the design refresh in this post.

Beta testing

If you’re using any Storefront extensions, plugins or child themes we thoroughly recommend that you check for updates available for those first and perform any that you find. Many of our own child themes for example have had patches to provide compatibility with 2.2.0.

If you’re keen to test the guided tour / starter content features then you’ll need to set up Storefront on a fresh installation of WordPress.

If you find issues we encourage you to open an issue on the Storefront github repository with a clear description.

The design refresh is the biggest change for existing users. Custom child theme authors / users will need to pay careful attention to this and potentially patch their own products.


You can download Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1 right here.

Storefront 2.1.3 — September 26, 2016

Storefront 2.1.3

Storefront 2.1.3 has been tagged for release and will be available to download from very soon.

2.1.3 is a minor release that includes the following fixes / improvements;

  • Fix – Dropdowns in the main navigation when tabbing through links.
  • Fix – Hide empty labels when using the Advanced Product Labels extension.
  • Tweak – Updated MasterCard logo. Kudos @nishitlangaliya

The main change in this release is a fix to our navigation to ensure that tabbing through the links opens the dropdowns and allows you to navigate them as expected.

Download at

Storefront 2.1.0 is now available to download — August 24, 2016

Storefront 2.1.0 is now available to download

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.32.38

Storefront 2.1.0 has just been tagged for release an uploaded to That means it should be available to download very soon!

2.1.0 is a major release and comes roughly 3 months after our last major release 2.0.0. It’s a significantly ‘lighter’ release (although still packed with flavour) which should mean less bugs and less potential for breakage. That said, I’d like to remind everyone that this is a major release. You should not update live sites without adequate testing.

What’s in the box

Rather than repeat myself I’d suggest you read the original 2.1.0 outline post which includes all of the details of this release. For the condensed version, here’s the relevant info pulled directly from the changelog;

  • New – Lots of SEO enhancements.
  • New – Selective refresh on site title, tag line, logo and widgets.
  • New – Integration with Advanced Product Labels extension.
  • New – Integration with WooCommerce Mix and Match extension.
  • New – Integration with WooCommerce Quick View extension.
  • Fix – Product thumbnail size on cart page.
  • Fix – Sticky order review position on RTL stores.
  • Dev – Restructured scss; removed components/typography and added main styles to `assets/sass/base/_base.scss`. Layout styles then added to `assets/sass/base/_layout.scss`. Moved WooCommerce extension integration styles to `assets/sass/woocommerce/extensions/`.

I’m particularly excited about the SEO enhancements we’ve made (major Kudos to Clément) and am keen to see the results. You can read more about what how we’ve improved Storefront SEO in this post.


You can download Storefront now from your dashboard or from


If you’re updating an existing store to Storefront 2.1, as mentioned previously; please test the update in a development environment first. If you are using any additional Storefront products (child themes and/or extensions) be sure to check for updates for them before updating Storefront and test everything in your development environment.

I’ll say it one more time; test the update(s) in a development environment. 🙂

I found a bug

If you find a bug then as always, please be sure to report it on github. If you have any other problems with Storefront please post on the support forum, or contact us if you’re a WooCommerce customer.

Storefront 2.0.6 — July 22, 2016

Storefront 2.0.6

It’s time for another minor Storefront release, 2.0.6 has landed. The main fix in this releases addresses a quirk in the menus on handheld devices where if no menu is assigned to the primary menu location, all page links would appear along with the handheld specific menu.

Full details below;

2016.07.22 – 2.0.6

  • Fix – Added missing laser card icon.
  • Fix – Additional menu displayed on handheld when a menu isn’t assigned to the ‘primary’ location.
  • Fix – Structured data sanitization.
  • Fix – Photography extension layout on handheld devices.
  • Tweak – Product Bundles integration tweaks.
  • Tweak – Updated all docs links to point to
  • Dev – Made storefront_primary_navigation_wrapper() andstorefront_primary_navigation_wrapper_close() pluggable.