Storefront 2.2.5 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

  • New – Add access to submenus from touchscreen devices. Kudos @mikeyarce.
  • New – Add styles for keyboard navigation on focus items. Kudos @mikeyarce.
  • Fix – Fix hero image positioning when page has RTL direction.
  • Tweak – Remove non-minified vendor script: rgbaster.js.
  • Tweak – Enqueue non-minified versions of scripts when SCRIPT_DEBUG is defined.
  • Dev – New hook to filter sidebar regions: storefront_sidebar_args.
  • Dev – Adds grunt-contrib-compress to the build process.
  • Fix – Remove 4th parameter being passed to remove_action, it only accepts 3. Kudos @ashfame.
  • Fix – Limit product name cell to 300px in the order review table.
  • Fix – Check header cart contents length on mouseover to dynamically check if the height needs to be limited.
  • Tweak – Removed Structured Data. See this comment.
  • Fix – Header cart dropdown padding.
  • Fix – Updated demo store notice z-index value to 9999 to prevent conflicts with other elements. Kudos @iamdharmesh.
  • Tweak – Replace WooThemes with WooCommerce.