Storefront 2.2.0 has just been tagged for release an uploaded to That means it should be available to download very soon! This is a major release, you should not update live sites without adequate testing.

What’s in the box

Please read the previous post which includes all of the details of this release.

For the condensed version, here’s the relevant info pulled directly from the changelog;

  • New – Adding a featured image to the homepage template will now create a ‘hero’ component.
  • New – Improved new user experience; WooCommerce installation prompted and added starter content to set up the homepage template, menus, widgets and add some demo products.
  • New – Guided tour in the Customizer.
  • Fix – Remove unnecessary button styling in WooCommerce Quick View extension.
  • Fix – Only make the order review on checkout sticky of the address column is tall enough to make it worthwhile.
  • Tweak – Improved the Bookings calendar styles.
  • Tweak – :focus borders now dotted.
  • Tweak – Default header background color is now white and header text color defaults updated accordingly.
  • Tweak – Various typographical adjustments to match updated header design.
  • Dev – Added actions; storefront_jetpack_infinite_scroll_before, storefront_jetpack_infinite_scroll_after, storefront_jetpack_product_infinite_scroll_before and storefront_jetpack_product_infinite_scroll_after.
  • Dev – Added filters; storefront_footer_widget_rows and storefront_footer_widget_columns to easily control the number of widget rows / columns in the footer.
  • Dev – FontAwesome and icon styles are now enqueued separately to make removing FontAwesome trivial.
  • Dev – Updated FontAwesome to 4.7.0
  • Dev – Upsells columns filterable via storefront_upsells_columns.
  • Dev – Added a column wrapper to product loops. To adjust the layout you now only need to filter storefront_loop_columns.
  • Dev – Homepage product sections only display if products are returned.
  • Tweak – Escape background content color before output. Kudos @pdewouters.
  • Dev – Updated package versions. You’ll need to npm install next time you try to build.
  • Dev – Adds grunt-postcss + autoprefixer to the build process to reduce reliance on Bourbon.
  • Tweak – Doctype in lowercase. Kudos @B-07.
  • Fix – Only output background-image styles for the header and homepage content sections if an image exists.
  • Fix – Translatable aria labels in the homepage sections. Kudos @andreaskian.


You can download Storefront now from your dashboard or from


If you’re updating an existing store to Storefront 2.2.0, as mentioned previously; please test the update in a development environment first. If you are using any additional Storefront products (child themes and/or extensions) be sure to check for updates for them before updating Storefront and test everything in your development environment.

I’ll say it one more time; test the update(s) in a development environment. 🙂

I found a bug

If you find a bug then as always, please be sure to report it on github. If you have any other problems with Storefront please post on the support forum, or contact us if you’re a WooCommerce customer.