Hey folks! As you probably figured out, 2.2 will be the next major Storefront release. Last week we began fleshing out some features we’d like to include in the release as well as determining an overall ‘theme’ for 2.2.

Today I’m sharing some of those ideas so you can get an idea of how the release will shape up. This is also your opportunity to get involved! Let us know if you like our plans, or if there are any other features you’re desperate to see in Storefront.

Improving New User Experience

The main thing we decided to focus on in 2.2 is improving the new user experience (NUX). For those already familiar with Storefront this might not sound particularly exciting (sorry) but it should still prove useful when creating new stores.

You’re a wizard, Storefront

Each time you create a new Storefront site there are a number of tasks you have to perform. Things like adding widgets, creating the homepage, setting the static home page, adjusting the cart/checkout page template, adding a logo, tweaking colors, creating menus, importing dummy content… the list goes on.

Even Storefront veterans will agree this process is a pain. It should be possible to quickly and easily perform these tasks in one place, straight after activation. Kinda like a wizard.

So, we’re going to add a wizard.

Where it will live (Customizer vs wp-admin) and how it will look are tbd. But that’s besides the point, the end result will be the same; a really simple tool to get you up and running with Storefront in no time at all. For new users this will be extremely useful and for everyone else it should save a bunch of time setting up new sites! The wizard (who I’m calling Dumbledalf) preliminarily includes these steps;

  • Homepage setup (potentially with different layouts)
  • Branding stuff (logo upload, color specification)
  • Widget setup
  • Menu setup
  • Installation of extra features (Storefront feature plugins)
  • Dummy content import

We’re pretty happy with this list, but it may change between now and launch. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

Other features

The wizard will be the biggest feature in 2.2, but we also plan to add the following small features;

Footer widget rows

Web site footers seem to grow taller every year, especially on eCommerce web sites. While storefront provides 4 columns for footer widgets, there is only one row which can be organisationally troublesome.

In 2.2 we plan to add a filter that will allow you to specify any number of rows, effectively allowing you to create footers like this;


We may expand upon this in Powerpack, including a footer builder much like the header builder.

Ensure the layout honors the storefront_loop_columns filter

Currently, if you filter storefront_loop_columns the first and last classes are changed as expected but the layout breaks. We’ll fix that so you no longer need to add a load of CSS just to tweak the columns products are arranged into.

CSS linting

We’ll add css linting to our grunt task. This will help highlight any issues in our CSS as well as potential areas for improvement.


We plan to start work on development very soon with a planned release in Q1 2017. You can keep up to date with the latest progress on our master branch at github. Feel free to get involved as well! 🙂

As always, let us know what you think about the latest Storefront developments, we’re always keen to hear your feedback.