Hey folks, Storefront 2.1.6 has been tagged for release and will be available to download from WordPress.org very soon.

This is a minor release, containing the following fixes / tweaks;

  • Fix – Close dropdowns in the nav when you tap away on touch devices.
  • Fix – Ensure the header cart dropdown works properly on touch devices.
  • Fix – 404 layout.
  • Fix – Javascript error when .site-header-cart isn’t present in the DOM.
  • Fix – Consistent spacing in site title.
  • Dev – Refactored storefront_get_content_background_color() to account for and give priority (over Storefront Designer) to Storefront Powerpack.
  • Dev – Deprecated is_woocommerce_activated() and made it pluggable.
  • Dev – Added storefront_is_woocommerce_activated().

The main issue we’ve addressed is the behaviour of the dropdowns in the navigation on touch devices.

On the development side of things we’ve refactored storefront_get_content_background_color() to check if the content frame option is being used in Powerpack as a priority over the now retired Storefront Design extension which Powerpack replaces.

In addition to this, is_woocommerce_activated() has been deprecated/replaced with a Storefront prefixed version of the same function.

Finally, 2.1.6 has been fully tested against WordPress 4.7 beta 3.