Hey folks, Storefront 2.1.5 has been tagged for release and will be available to download from WordPress.org very soon.

This is a very small release, containing just a few tweaks;

  • Tweak – Jetpack infinite scroll now works on product archives as well as posts.
  • Tweak – Add styles for WooCommerce 2.7’s new gallery.
  • Tweak – Style the ‘dismiss’ link in WooCommerce 2.7’s ‘demo notice’ feature.

I’m happy to say that Storefront now fully supports Jetpacks infinite scroll feature, not only for posts but for products as well! This means that we’ll be phasing the infinite scroll feature out of Powerpack in favor of Jetpack. If anyone is using that feature we recommend switching over asap.

The release also includes some tweaks in preparation for WooCommerce 2.7.

Download at WordPress.org.