TL;DR – Storefront 2.1 beta is here. You can download it here. Please open issues on github.

Storefront 2.1.0 has been tagged for testing on github! At ~60 commits we’ve kept the next major iteration of the Storefront theme a third of the size of the last release. Whilst 2.0.0 was a great release, we’re still keen to streamline our major releases and keep them focused on fewer new features.

The highlights reel of 2.1 looks like this;

  • Lots of SEO enhancements
  • Selective refresh
  • New integrations with extensions

Each of these features is discussed in more detail in the 2.1 outline post.

Things to look out for

As I said, we’ve kept the feature list small to reduce the likelihood of breakage when you update. There is however one change which could potentially cause issues.

Header layout

We’ve tweaked the markup for the site title / tagline / logo so that component is now always wrapped in a the .site-branding div. Previously if a logo was present it wasn’t wrapped. This seemingly minor change improves consistency but can potentially cause issues with your header layout if you’ve added custom css or are using a third party child theme/plugin.

Many of our child themes were affected by this so we’ve released updates for those that were. Before testing this release I highly recommend checking if there’s a child theme update available (if you’re using one of our child themes).


You can download the 2.1 beta here.

I found a bug

As always, please open an issue on github. Assuming this beta goes smoothly we’ll probably go straight to an RC and release fairly quickly.