It’s time for another minor Storefront release, 2.0.6 has landed. The main fix in this releases addresses a quirk in the menus on handheld devices where if no menu is assigned to the primary menu location, all page links would appear along with the handheld specific menu.

Full details below;

2016.07.22 – 2.0.6

  • Fix – Added missing laser card icon.
  • Fix – Additional menu displayed on handheld when a menu isn’t assigned to the ‘primary’ location.
  • Fix – Structured data sanitization.
  • Fix – Photography extension layout on handheld devices.
  • Tweak – Product Bundles integration tweaks.
  • Tweak – Updated all docs links to point to
  • Dev – Made storefront_primary_navigation_wrapper() andstorefront_primary_navigation_wrapper_close() pluggable.