Earlier today we uploaded Storefront 2.0.4 and it should be available for download very soon.

2.0.4 is a minor release including a few bug fixes and tweaks. The most important fix is for an issue we accidentally introduced in 2.0.2. A function was removed but not deprecated which meant that child themes overriding a particular template (in this case header.php) were seeing fatal errors. storefront_html_tag_schema() has now been correctly deprecated which resolves this issue.

Another fix in this release is for an edge case where folks were using the secondary nav as their primary navigation. The issue was that they were assigning an empty menu to the primary location (to hide it on desktop), but this was hiding the handheld navigation as well.

There’s also fixes for credit card input labels on the checkout, the $content_width declaration and tweaks for the footer / handheld nav bar.

2016.06.14 – 2.0.4

  • Fix – Credit card input label styling.
  • Fix$content_width declaration.
  • Fix – Mobile menu when using an empty menu in the primary menu location.
  • Tweak – Minor style fixes / improvements for various WooCommerce extensions.
  • Tweak – Account / Cart links in the handheld nav bar will only appear if the pages are set in WooCommerce.
  • Tweak – Footer padding on handheld devices.
  • Tweakpre background color to ensure legibility when displayed in messages.
  • Dev – Deprecate storefront_html_tag_schema().