Storefront 2.0.2 has been tagged for release and will be available to download from very soon.

2.0.2 is a minor release that includes the following fixes / improvements;

  • Fix – Correct CSS property applied to the header if no background image is present.
  • Fix – Sticky order review + Checkout Add-ons compatibility.
  • Fix – Active link color when using the Custom Menu widget in the sidebar.
  • Fix – Store notice no longer hidden by the handheld nav bar.
  • Fix – Some errors in structured data. Kudos @opportus.
  • Dev – Added storefront_sticky_order_review filter.
  • Dev – Added storefront_structured_data filter for structured data customisation.

The biggest change is how we apply structured data. It’s now all put in one place using JSON-LD. This provides a better structure for the data (duh) and consequently cleans up markup for posts / pages etc. This data can also be filtered using the storefront_structured_data filter.

In addition to this there are just a few minor fixes including compatibility between our sticky order review feature and the Checkout Add-ons extension, as well as compatibility between the store notice and the handheld nav bar.