One aspect of Storefront 2.0 we’re aiming to improve is the all-round experience using the theme on handheld devices. The current header is fairly messy and unnecessarily pushes content too far down the page. This is in large part due to the search form and cart link. Despite these being essential components that should be highly visible on all pages, that should not be at the expense of the actual page content. Enter the Storefront Handheld Toolbar.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.52.45

See that bar at the bottom of the window? That will appear on handheld devices and ‘stick’ to the bottom of the viewport ensuring visitors always have instant access to their account, the search form and the cart. The menu button has been moved alongside the site title / logo which brings the page content much closer to the top of the page.

The name might not exactly roll off the tongue, but we expect the Handheld Toolbar should have a significant, positive impact on the Storefront handheld experience.

Oh, that screenshot is also a sneak preview of a child theme we’re currently working on. Shhhh!