Last week I posted about the Storefront 2.0 release we’re working on. That post mentioned some styling tweaks that we have in mind for Storefront.

This post aims to add some clarity to the sort of tweaks we intend to make. Refer to the screenshot below to see what we have in mind.


As you can see, no sweeping changes, only subtle, minor improvements. Here’s a breakdown of what has changed in this particular screenshot;

  • Typography overhaul – Added balance to the overall typographical structure. As an example, the headings in the sidebar are no longer fighting for attention with the main page header!
  • Header balance – Increased the padding on the header a little to balance it better against the content.
  • Breadcrumb style treatment – The breadcrumb is now stylistically matched with the header rather than floating in limbo.
  • Color balance – We’ve removed the purple that was set to link/accent colors by default. A lot of the time folks don’t seem to change this which is a little confusing. So we’ve changed that to a more brand agnostic color.
  • Border radii – There are now small border radii on elements like inputs and images. This marries the overall design to the typography a little more and makes the design a bit friendlier overall.

There’s lots more to come, but hopefully none of these changes will have negative impacts on any custom child themes you might be running.

If you’d like to help shape the direction of Storefront 2.0 please dive in on GitHub!