1.6.1 is a small bugfix release which addresses some issues folks were having with 1.6.0‘s Sticky Order Review feature. There’s also some Jetpack integration updates and other small fixes as well.

2016.01.18 – 1.6.1

  • Tweak – Jetpack integration updates.
  • Tweak – Styling for WooCommerce 2.5’s terms positioning on the checkout.
  • Tweak – Styling for WooCommerce 2.5’s totals inc tax on the cart.
  • Tweak – Removed the bottom border on the cart / checkout pages.
  • Tweak – Renamed ‘Header’ widget region to ‘Below Header’.
  • Fix – WooCommerce active filters widget now styled.
  • Fix – Image gallery layouts.
  • Fix – Sticky order review feature now accounts for any size of payment box to avoid cutting off the Place Order button.