1.6.0 is a major release which includes some small but significant enhancements.

Firstly, Mega Menus are now fully supported. We’ve also included integration with the Ship to Multiple Addresses extension.

There’s now style support for payment gateways that identify which credit card has been input.


Finally, my personal favourite new feature is the sticky order overview on the checkout page. If the dimensions are appropriate the order review section on the checkout will now stick to the top of the browser window as the user scrolls down the page which ensures that the ‘place order’ button is always visible.


All other tweaks and fixes can be found in the changelog;

2016.01.05 – 1.6.0

  • NewStorefront Mega Menus integration.
  • New – Integration with Ship to Multiple Addresses extension.
  • New – Sticky order review on checkout.
  • New – Automatic credit card type detection in compatible payment gateways.
  • Tweak – Styled the in stock/out of stock message. Props @nishitlangaliya.
  • Tweak – Added new function storefront_star_rating_script. Outputs JavaScript for the new star rating input while we wait for WooCommerce 2.5 to be released.
  • Tweak – Contrast on hovered links in the primary navigation.
  • Tweak – If no widgets are present in the sidebar a full width layout will be applied to all pages.
  • Tweak – Updated integration with the Variation Swatches extension.
  • Tweak – Featured images on posts / pages are now centered.
  • Fix – Table alignment on desktop.
  • Dev – Added some new hooks to the homepage template tags; storefront_homepage_after_product_categories_title, storefront_homepage_after_recent_products_title, storefront_homepage_after_featured_products_title, storefront_homepage_after_popular_products_title, storefront_homepage_after_on_sale_products_title
  • Dev – Styling for 6 column product layouts.
  • Dev – Updates FontAwesome to version 4.5.0.

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