Storefront 1.4.0

Storefront 1.4.0 has been uploaded to and should be available to download from your dashboard very soon.

There are 2 key features in this release:

Handheld Menu Location

Previously, Storefront displayed the primary menu on handheld devices, and hid the secondary menu. This was problematic because you may have important menu items in the secondary menu. It’s also possible that there are extraneous menu items in the primary nav which bloat the menu on handheld. In short, in Storefront 1.3.* you don’t have complete control of the navigation served to mobiles.

So, in Storefront 1.4.0 we added a new ‘handheld’ location. The menu that you assign to this location will display only on handheld devices. This gives you the flexibility and complete control to serve a custom menu to mobiles.

Important: After updating, please remember to create / assign a menu to this location, or mobile visitors wont be able to navigate your site!


It’s vital that your store is accessible to everyone. To comply with’s ‘accessibility-ready’ tag we’ve made many improvements:

  • Contrast – Several colors have been tweaked to meet WCAG AA level standards.
  • Navigation – It is now possible to tab through Storefront menus (including dropdowns).
  • Screen reader text has been applied to all ambiguous links (“continue reading”, etc).
  • ARIA roles / content added where appropriate.
  • Skip link added for navigation as well as content.